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GH Season 2 Trailer (fanmade)

Since it's spring break, I decided to make a (fake) trailer for season 2 of Ghost Hunt! (if we can ever have one, that is).

So here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiEP1WLgisM

Make sure you watch it in high quality, so that the subtitles are readable.

GhostH. V3, Ch3: p4

Interesting Naru/Mai/Masako interaction. Novel only.

V3, Ch3, part 4: Will-O-WispCollapse )

GhostH. V3, Ch3: p3

Kasai-san and Mai are closer in the novel...

Volume 2, ch 3, part 3: Will-O-WispCollapse )


I have copied my translations onto Baka-Tsuki, a wiki light novel community. It looks very neat and organized there. If you see anything wrong on the translations, feel free to edit it yourself. Be sure to check it out sometime!


GhostH. V3, Ch3: p2

Lots of technical stuff. It goes into more detail this time.

Volume 2, ch 3, part 2: Will-O-WispCollapse )

GhostH. Fancomic

I made a fancomic of Mai's confession some time ago, but never got to posting it here. It's the scene where Mai confesses to Naru~ (based on kagedreams's translation)

Direct Download @ Mediafire (5.2 MB, ZIP)

View Online

GhostH. V10 Scanlation

A long time ago, some people decided to scanlate volume 10 of the Ghost Hunt manga...


Eons later, they decided to release what they translated so far! xD

Direct Download @ Mediafire
Volume 10, Part 1
Volume 10, Part 2
Volume 10, Part 3
Volume 10, Part 4

View Online @ MangaFox
Volume 10, Parts 1-2
Volume 10, Parts 3-4

As of now, translation seems to have come to a halt due to real life... So if anyone can help translate, or maybe type out the Japanese characters (to make translator's job easier), that would be really nice.
[Main Translation page] [Next page that needs to be translated] [aRedMoonForum]

On the other hand, I think DelRey is releasing volume 10 on August 25, so it's probably just best to buy it.

Scanner/Cleaner: Scipio (aka jkaizer )
Translators: sayaka86 ,Becky, thejenx ), Reverie, Sayuri
Editors: ficrant , Whooper
Typesetter: May (aka sinmay )

Translators also serve as editors, but I didn't think it would be necessary to repeat names.

GhostH. V3, Ch3: p1

Naru and Mai bicker

I also uploaded the Japanese Akuryou Series onto Mediafire, in case anyone is interested.

Volume 2, ch 3, part 1: Will-O-WispCollapse )

GhostH. V3, Ch2: p6

This chapter isn't in the anime/manga. It's a very cute/funny chapter, and I think I translated it correctly. lol. Anyway, if a sentence has ??? behind it, that means I'm not sure if it's translated correctly.

Volume 2, ch 3, part 6: PsychicCollapse )

GhostH. V3, Ch2: p5

Most of this section is only found in the novel. It's mostly more speculation on what's going on in the school. I'm not sure if I translated Naru's science talk right though.

Volume 2, ch 3, part 5: PsychicCollapse )